Caerphilly Churches Night Shelter at BWH 

March 2018

Each year for a period of 3 months, a Charitable Organisation "Caerphilly Churches Night Shelter" offer a bed for the night & an evening meal to those individuals from the area who have no statutory duty to be housed by Caerphilly Borough Council. Cornerstone Support is funded to look to secure long term housing for the individuals.

All guests need to pass strict risk assessments via Gwent Police and Social Services, so those high risk individuals never make it into the Project.

The 22018 Night Shelter came to an end on Sunday night 4 March 2018 but due to the extremely cold weather – specifically and when temperatures fall to zero degrees or lower for three days – special measures come into action with the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol.

When this comes into force, the local authority and other organisations in the area will work to offer extra temporary accommodation where possible and because of this, a plea was put out on social media by Cornerstone Support.

We, at Bedwas Workmen’s Hall kindly offered its venue and provided accommodation for 5 nights in total. People are at severe risk of hypothermia, and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that we do what we can to prevent loss of life and help fight homelessness in our Communities.

The guests and volunteers arrived from 6pm, and were offered a hot meal (all food was provided by Cornerstone) and a bed for the night (which was a camp bed and again provided by Cornerstone). In the morning the guests were given breakfast before leaving by 9.30am.

All the guests were amazing and it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to volunteer alongside passionate, caring, friendly and above all most welcoming working party.


All the guests were eventually housed. Even though the Night Shelter came to an end, the support and advice continued via Cornerstone.

We believe that giving a homeless person somewhere to go every night makes a massive difference – it takes away the daily worry about finding somewhere safe for the night and allows them to focus on getting help.

Not having a home damages people’s lives and is costly for the public purse. Unless a commitment is made to end homelessness for good, we are only building up the costs and problems associated with it for tomorrow.

Across all political parties, there is a desire for healthier and more productive communities to thrive in the years to come. Unless homelessness is dealt with, this cannot happen. There needs to be a long-term homelessness strategy and the investment to deliver it.

For an idea of how it all works, please view a short documentary on YouTube "Caerphilly Rough Sleepers" or via CCBC website via which follows the story of one young man.

If you know anyone that needs support/advice please contact Andrew Clarke via email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or telephone: 07946537777.

Well done to all at Cornerstone Support and look forward to welcoming them back later in the year.

Cllr Amanda McConnell &
Cllr Jill Winslade

2 February - 31 March 2019

At the beginning of February, we had the extremely cold weather and if temperatures fall to zero degrees or lower for three days - special measures come into action with the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol. Therefore a second Night Shelter was opened at BWH for 4 guests. This quickly increased to 8 guests and in total we helped 21 guests.

Since being opened, 12 guests had already been housed and hopefully all within the next 2 weeks. Even though the Night Shelter will come to an end this year, the support and advice will continue via Cornerstone.

We have been extremely lucky at BWH with 57 volunteers doing various shift patterns and 22 volunteers bringing in cooked meals and a numerous amount of people from across BTM and Caerphilly with various food parcels, toiletries, clothing and folding beds for the guests.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved for all their help and time, as without their kind generosity, we wouldn’t have been able to keep going for 8 weeks continuously.

Kindest regards
Cllr Amanda McConnell
BWH Co-Ordinator

(Cornerstone Support & Cllr Jill Winslade co-ordinated a further extension of 2 weeks - 1 April-14 April 2019)

Dedicated to our dear friend Mandy Halsey Watts