Red Ray's Lift Appeal​

Bedwas Workmen’s’ Hall is one of the few remaining Miners’ halls, built in 1923 from the miners’ pennies.

It is a vital community resource. Hundreds of people of all ages in Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen use the hall weekly- schools, theatre and dance groups, choirs, youth clubs and clubs for the retired, and Adult Education classes. The Workmen’s Hall is a versatile venue, seating 500, with stage, lighting, sound equipment, backstage changing rooms and a bar.

But Bedwas Workmen’s Hall is in danger.

As it approaches its centenary, it needs urgent maintenance. Most urgently, there is now a legal obligation to make it accessible to all under the 2005 Disability Act. There is no lift up the two flights of steep stairs, and the elderly and disabled are either prevented from taking part, or have to endure the indignity of being carried up the fire escape.

Why Red Ray’s Lift Appeal?

Councillor Ray Davies fought hard to improve the Hall for the people of Bedwas, Machen and Trethomas. But at his memorial service, we saw at first hand the disappointment his family and friends had in not being able to take part in the remembrance because they could not get up the stairs.

Through voluntary efforts, the community is raising money towards the £80,000 estimated cost of a two storey lift. This is part of a phased £1.5m improvement scheme, including building repairs, and essential facilities such as disabled toilets, which will see the Workmen’s Hall become a wonderful community resource, accessible to all.

With your help, we can make Bedwas Workmen’s Hall the jewel in the crown of the Caerphilly basin, and fulfil Ray’s dream.

Please help us by making a donation, large or small, towards the cost of a lift.